For Your Safety!
It is essential that you review all of these appointment protocols prior to scheduling or arriving for any appointment.  If you have a question or issue with any of the requirements, please contact our office right away.

Because our patients deserve to have confidence that we respect their safety, at this time and until our protocols are no longer required, we will not be able to see anyone who is not comfortable with the safety protocols, especially with respect to wearing a mask and/or having your temperature taken.    

The safety of all of you and our staff has always been in the forefront of our consideration; therefore, we have put in place very stringent safety protocols to assure your visits can be made in confidence.  Our practices are based on the US Department of Labor OSHA Guidance and Workplace Preparedness Safe Work Practices as well as CDC Guidance Documents.  As the landscape of the COVID crisis is constantly changing, our practices may be adapted, especially if additional guidance is received from the AOA and other state or local governmental bodies.  Below is a list of a number of the best practices and precautions put in place to minimize exposure to you and our staff:

1)  Your appointment confirmation.  At least two (2) days prior to your scheduled appointment, we will contact you to confirm your appointment.  For your convenience, whenever possible, we will be emailing everyone their appointment confirmations so that we can send you the necessary forms.  However, if we are unable to contact you via email, we will contact by phone and you will be guided to our website where you can download the required documents from our Forms page.  Specifically, a History Form will be necessary to update your information.  You will also find the required HIPAA and Covid-19 certification. All documents can be completed, signed and emailed back to us in advance of your appointment (preferred) or printed and brought with you. You will also be reminded that, upon arrival at the office, you will need to text or call us at (650)592-1820; we will reply back when it is appropriate to enter the office.

2)  Occupancy limitations.  In an effort to maintain necessary distancing, we are limiting the number of people allowed in the office at one time.  Therefore, please do not bring anyone with you to the appointment unless you need assistance, in which case, once the exam is underway your caregiver can wait in your verhicle and will be texted when your exam is completed. While we have always been all about family, in order to prepare accordingly for all scheduled appointments, it is important that unless your child also has an appointment they stay at home and do not accompany you to the appointment.  We ask that only one parent accompany a child and that siblings do not attend; and, whenever possible, once your child has checked in it is preferred that you wait in your vehicle until you are notified the exam is complete and you can return to check your child out.

3) Seniors and At-Risk individuals.  Special hours have been set aside Tuesday through Thursday mornings as well as end of day on Friday for our patients who are seniors (65+) or are considered At-Risk. Please discuss this need when scheduling your appointment.

4)  Appointment arrival and check-in.  Upon arrival at the office, please text or call the office at (650) 592-1820.  Because we are thoroughly sanitizing between every patient, we ask thaat you remain in your car until you are instructed to enter the building.  Only individuals with an appointment will be allowed to enter.  Upon entering, you will be greeted by a senior technician who will guide you through the check-in process, including: a shoe-sole sanitization mat, reapproval of your COVID-19 certification and *non-contact forehead temperature. Be advised, anyone with a fever or displaying signs of illness will not be seen and their appointment must be rescheduled.  Children who are being seen for an appointment will participate in this check-in process as well. Once checked-in, all patients will be required to wash their hands for 20 seconds prior to pre-testing and their exam, Vision Therapy appointment, or Optical visit. Be aware, anyone accompanying a child will be required to complete the Covid certification and complete the entire check-in process.
*Non-contact forehead temperature: Many experts maintain that these devices tend to read on the low side by about a degree; because of this, any temperature that measures 99.5 or higher will be considered too high and the appointment will have to be rescheduled.

5) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Anyone entering the office is required to wear a mask that covers both the mouth and nose at all times -- the only exception will be children two (2) years and younger.  Everyone working at our office will be wearing PPE as well, including masks and faceshields.  Furthermore, all staff will also be participating in daily arrival protocols, including: shoe-sole and hand sanitizing upon arrival, COVID-19 certification, temperature monitoring, as well as hand sanitizing following every patient interaction.

6)  Additional protective equipment. You will find the instruments in each exam room now equipped with shields to further protect everyone during the exam process. There are now plexiglass protective shields at the front desk and optical stations for your enhanced safety during all interactions.

7) Frames.  You can rest assured that your frame selection experience is healthy and safe.  When working with an Optician, they will retain any frames that are handled or tried on so that it can be completely santifized with recommended soap and running water or UV sanitization treatment prior to being returned to display.

8) Non-exam visits. If you need to pick out glasses, are in need of a repair or adjustment, or need to pick up glasses or contacts that have arrived, you must first contact us for an appointment.  Since we are limiting the number of people in our office, our Opticians will schedule the best time to take care of your needs.  If you do not need to meet with an Optician and are just picking up items, call us to make those arrangements; you will then call or text upon arrival and we will bring your item(s) out to you.

9)  Exam room and equipment sanitization.  We have built into our schedule extra time between every visit to allow for extensive disinfecting of all exam rooms, surfaces, equipment and instruments.  Even the smallest items will be disinfected, including: if a pen has been used, it will be removed and sanitized prior to further use. Anything that has been handled will experience such sanitizing. 

10)  Check-out.  If paying by credit card, staff will raise the card reader so that you can insert your card. Once the transaction is completed, staff will alert you to remove your card. The terminal will be santized between every usage. Though discouraged, if your only means to pay is by cash, we are limiting cash to exact change only as no change will be on hand.

11)  Restrooms. In order to make sure the facility is available immediately upon check-in, the restrooms will be closed to any public use other than for required hand-washing.  For this reason, it is important to use your home restroom prior to coming to your appointment.

12) Cell phones.  During your visit, because they are known to be sources of contamination, please refrain from using your cell phone as much as possible.

13) Air Quality: In each of the exam and therapy rooms we have installed new, HEPA Air Purifiers/Filtration system.

FRONTLINE WORKERS: Knowing that frontline healthcare workers use extreme caution in their work, we look forward to seeing you; however, we do require that one of two things happen: 1. We schedule your appointment during one of our "At-risk" times first thing in the morning Tuesday through Thursday or afternoon on Friday; or 2. If the At-risk schedule does not meet your needs, you verify you have been fully vaccinated or can provide the results of a negative Covid test from within 7 days of the date of the appointment you schedule. Please be sure to contact us directly should you have any questions with respect to these special circumstances.

We very much look forward to welcoming you back.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.  Your opinions are extremely important and necessary to us, so we do want to hear from you.   As excited as we are to open and be able to see you all again, know that we are proceeding with an abundance of care and caution on your behalf as your health and well-being will always be our number one concern.

With the warmest regards,

Drs. Kristina Stasko and Tracy Phillips and all of us at All Eyes On You